Tutorial for progress bar?

I’d like to show “project funding status” for each project. I have the data “funding goal” and “current status” as separate columns. Somehow I am required to fill out the data using the “custom” field. Only then can I see the progress bar highlighted appropriately.

Not sure what I am missing. Any good tutorial for this?


Thanks but didnt help. I tried but this did not work for me. So my google sheets data has:

  • One row for each project. FundingStatus, FundingGoal
  • Each projects renders the details in itss own page

When I navigate to the details page of each project, I’d like to see a progress bar on the funding.
Min - is always Zero
Max - FundingGoal column (this can be different for each project)
Change status - FundingStatus (current funding status)

However, I am not seeing any of this.


Inside the details view of each project, you should have access to those data to be used in your progress bar. What do you see at the moment?

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Attached screenshot. I have included all the data in the action text.
The Funding Status Text is another column that Concatenates ‘Funding status’ and ‘Funding Goal’ columns.

I know am missing something here since the progress bar is all wrong. Values should be:

  • 64%
  • Dark purple should be filled up to 64% of the half circle

May have found a bug

  • When the columns are formatted to a currency, Glide seems to mess up the rendering of the progress bar. Is this known behavior?



  • Problem - The Funding Status, Funding Goal columns in the google spreadsheet were formatted as $ currency
  • Solution - Removed the formatting of those cells to regular numbers.

This is not ideal but it works since it requires to change the spreadsheet data which could have been imported from somewhere else.

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What if you just change that column in Glide to number and keep the $ format in the Sheets?

does not work. Changing to number converts it to a floating point because it considers $1,560 as 1.56

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What’s your device’s number preferences settings? I assume Glide takes the device’s location & number preferences settings in this case.

do you mean phone number? I am still experimenting this on a macbook?

I changed the locale back to US Pacific. Same issue.

Device can be either your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. As I think you’re building this on laptop or PC can you try changing the locale settings on there (specifically about the thousand delimiter) and check the builder if the format changes?