Turn Your Glide Data Into PDFs (native DocsAutomator integration)

Thanks a lot!!! Line items support will be added quite soon hopefully :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Just adding another thread here featuring a workaround for creating documents with line items: Create PDFs / documents incl. line items from your Glide data (using DocsAutomator and Make)


Once native line items support in the glide is supported, I am going to ditch my airtable :laughing:

Look forward to it @Rupert


Soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The sooner the better for my client.

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Hi @Rupert

I tried to create PDF file (BKU - Template PO) with Docs Automator, but could not generate it. Is it due to my free plan of Docs Automator?

Hi @Bungchow_IDEApps, just checked error logs and you don’t seem to have given all permissions to Google Docs and Google Drive. Please check your settings in your DocsAutomator account :slight_smile: If it still doesn’t work, please reach out in the in-app chat. Thanks!


Dear @Rupert, it works now… EASY and COOL integration! :+1: :handshake: :pray:

But, I have a question about give an access permission “to see, edit and delete all files on google drive”. Does it mean you or DocsAutomator team can see, edit and delete all files on my google drive?

Thanks for asking! In theory, yes. If I were to write some code in the background, I would theoretically be able to see your files and make changes to them. Unfortunately, this is the narrowest scope for DocsAutomator’s use case currently (I’ve been going back and forth with Google about this).

Of course I can assure you that there is nothing in the code base that makes any requests that you’re not aware of. I understand the concern though.


Thanks for your information @Rupert. Actually, I’m interested in DocsAutomator as one of my apps integrations. I hope DocsAutomator is gonna be much better… :pray:


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Let me know if I can help you get started! Ideally, please reach out in the in-app chat.

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Hi, Rupert!
Can we use now line items directly from Glide? Without Make?

@slscustom.ru not yet unfortunately :confused: I’m also waiting desperately for it!

Thanks for response!
And how long we need to waiting? How do you think?

I’m not developing the integration, so that’s a question for @Jason. But I know that there isn’t really a timeline currently.


Too bad, I’m very excited about it also.

Soon, very soon! I believe in Jason and the team :slight_smile:

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Hi Rupert. Im strugling with barcodes. I generate barcode in glide table based on SKU of the good. But how do i transfer it o my docsautomator template ?