Trying to remove certain tabs from home tab

When I click on the 3 bar’s in the top left hand corner in the welcome back page, it shows exercises, admin, your profile and sign out. I only want Your profile and sign out to be shown but how do I amend this? I can’t see where this links or where I am able to edit.


In the upper left hand panel of the builder you should see your tabs. There you can move them between the side menu or the bottom navigation menu. You can also hide tabs, add new ones, or delete them.



You also have a “Hide from nav bar” option that hides the tab from the nav bar, but still allows people to be directed there using a “Go to tab” action. This option is on the right-hand-side panel on the tab level.

“Sign out” is not something can be amended, though, it’s a native option by Glide.