Trouble with Images Disappearing in Published Event App


I am working on an event app that heavily relies on images. We have the following image requirements:

60 images for the 60 artists
5 images for each day
10 images for each location
11 images for each type of event (singing, dancing, etc.)

While using the editor, I can view the images without any issues. However, when I publish the app, the images disappear, leaving behind white space instead.

I have tried two approaches to address this problem:

Initially, I attempted to download the images directly from my computer.
Then, I experimented by copying the image links from Google Drive and inserting them into the editor.

Unfortunately, neither of these attempts proved successful. Do you have any suggestions or tips to resolve this issue?

If your images are stored in Google Drive, then the most likely cause of your issue is that the links are not public. So making them public may resolve your problem.

However, it’s strongly recommended to host images in Glide storage. Have a read below:

Hello,thank you very much for your answer. I read the article.
The links are public.
At the first place, all pictures were in Glide Storage. Then I try the google drive with linkfs
The type for all pictures are JPGs or PNG
Any other advice to solve it ? Thanks a lot

Can you give me the link of one of the images that is not working?

Thanks a lot Darren !

You will find on the picture here : 53.png - Google Drive

And the screen shoot with the glide editor and app online to understand my challenge here : GlideApp_Challenge.pdf - Google Drive

Okay, I see the problem.
Your images are in User Specific columns, which means that only the user that added the image will see them. If you added them via the Data Editor, then only the user you were “Viewing as” at the time will be able to see them.

To fix that, delete those Image columns and create new ones, and don’t tick the box to make them User Specific.


Thanks a lot !!! Have a nice day !

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