Tri-Boolean implementation

What is a good component to use when trying to create a column that can be Y/N or empty/unknown.

For example, “Has it been approved?” can be yes or no or unknown/no-answer.

Any recommendations based on Glide components / designs.


The easiest way is:

  • True (on) → approved

  • Anything else means No approved


Bad example on my part but if you are asking a yes or no question and the response is I don’t know then it is definitely not “NO”. It is a maybe or IDK.

Is their a defined budget? Yes, No or “I do not know”. If I don’t select anything it is considered a ‘NO’ versus “I don’t know”. Now I can define NO and IDK as the same but it is like a Schrodinger’s cat/boolean - neither yes nor no until you ‘act’ upon it. IDK is when you haven’t opened the box.

Everything starts as an IDK and moves to either a Y or a N.

Has anyone represented: IDK/Y/N?


If it’s not just booleans then I would just use a normal text column and store Yes/No/I don’t know.

Are you asking how to represent it in the data editor, or how to represent it in the user interface?

A boolean has 3 states (true/false/null), so that would be the logical choice for the data editor, no?
One thing to note though that is if you do use a boolean and you ever needed to change state from yes/no to I don’t know, then a simple checkbox toggle wouldn’t cut the mustard. Changing a boolean back to the null state once it’s been set can only be done by clearing it (ie. Set Column Values → Clear Value). So that would need to be done with an action.

For the user interface, that could be anything you want.

Well, in Glide is the only place where I have seen and used a boolean variable with 3 states, it’s a reality! :sweat_smile:


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Yeah, I probably should have qualified that by saying a “Glide Boolean” :wink:


I guess for something like this, I would just use a choice component.


That was obvious. I think with chips ! How did I not think of that. Complicating things when they didn’t. Glide is Shrodinger’s Boolean

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I was looking at the UI and Jeff nailed the answer.

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