If then glide column


I’m trying to create an If > Then Column directly on the Data Tab with multiple variables, however the column is giving me an OR combination, not an AND combination. Is there a way to change it?

I’m doing this direct on the Data Tab because some of the columns that need to be check were built directly in there.


There might be a way to use the AND, let’s say you want:

If A > 1 and B > 1 => True

Then you can write in the If Then Else column:

If A less than or equal to 1 => False
If B less than or equal to 1 => False
Else True.


Great! However I’m not quite sure how to combine the columns: one is True or False statements and one is a number.

The combination needed is True and =< 7

Nevermind, trnsform TRUE into 1 and I should have it! Thanks