Trends using the Charts component

Hi everyone! Got a funny one for you folks; not sure how to tackle this one.

I have a supplies sheet and I need to see trends on supplies, i.e., how often something is ordered, how much is ordered, things like that. And, I’d like to use the Charts component to show these trends as necessary.

I know there is a TREND function in Sheets, but I’m not sure exactly how to use it. Also, ordering new supplies is sporadic at best, since use of facilities always change.

If you need further explanation, feel free to ask.

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Can you explain how trends you’d like to show?

Supply and Demand mostly.

For example, if we ordered 6 boxes of paper towels, in August, and then we are out of stock, having to order 6 more again in September, then in October we only need to order 4 (because the demand was lower), then a trend on how much we need to order in November is my particular use case. A future cast, if you will.

This trend would have to work on all 22 different items in my sheet, separately.

Probably this?