Chart Choice


I really need the variety of charts since I am using this app for sales tracking.
So that the chart really needed.
Eg : Scatter chart , waterfall chart and others.

Have you looked at the Chart options available at

For some inspiration, see below…

Do you have any idea on how to do the scatter chart based on two column (date and amount).
Only need one chart for the whole data.
As the video as you showed, it based on one data one chart right?


Trend By Model

You can use the quickchart Scatter Chart Sandbox, and plug in your own data. This will give you a URL, that you can then use with a Construct URL Column in Glide to call the API and generate the chart.

Below is a worked example of how to do all this:

So , I have to insert the data manually into the template isn’t ?
But the things is my data is dynamically change.
For example,
User will choose the model , status and others first.
And data will change for the chart.

Currently , I am using the bar chart.
But my intention not really good for this objective.

Use replacements in your template to insert the data dynamically.

Here i am using the code:
It is correct?

“type”: “scatter”,
“data”: {
“datasets”: [
“label”: “Trend By Model”,
“borderColor”: “rgb(255, 99, 132)”,
“backgroundColor”: “rgba(255, 99, 132, 0.2)”,
“data”: [
“x”: x,
“y”: y },


“options”: {
“title”: {
“display”: true,
“text”: “Chart.js Scatter Chart”

That looks like it’s just going to give you a chart with a single data point. What you probably need to do is:

  1. Use a template column to generate the data item for each row. That might look something like this:
  2. Use a Joined List column to stitch all of the individual rows together.
  3. And finally, use that Joined List column as a replacement in your template