Transpose Columns to Rows without User specific column

Need a way to transpose columns to rows so that it can be displayed as a grid without using user specific column as it exhausts update quota just for viewing the data.

Thank you @Robert_Petitto … I have seen this. But this does use USC and uses update quota , right ?

Yes. There’s really no other way to do it at the moment.
One day, Glide might give us the ability to use arrays in collections and choice components but today is not that day…


I am curious though - as I have a similar problem - why exactly using user-specific columns use from the edit quota? When created it specifically says it will be stored on glide db and those are not counted towards the quota.
Every time I edit usp columns they are not stored on google sheets, and my app actually never sends/writes information to the gsheet:

I think you might be conflating row counts and update counts.

A row is a row, and all rows are counted no matter what the source is, and no matter which column types are used.

Updates are a little more complicated, and what counts depends on several factors including whether or not you’re on a new plan or a legacy plan. Have a read of the below:

I don’t think so, that’s why I was also surprised that my edit quota was off:

My app is simple, and I only edit 3 User specific columns, and never send anything to Google Sheets.
I’m well within my row limit.
I would assume user-specific columns are treated as such:

Yes, well assuming that you are on a legacy plan, then all edits will be counted as updates.

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