Translate the burger menu itens

Hello there. How can I translate these itens in the burger menu ? In desktops
works fine, but in mobile is showing the english words instead the pt-BR language words.

Profile Menu Itens in english

So you mean that it’s only translated on the desktop version and not the mobile version?

Yep! In desktop (in profile menu) we have Portuguese. In mobile (at the 3 dots menu) we have English.
And even if I am in desktop, but reduce the screen size to the width of a mobile, the items in the 3-dot menu appear in English.

That’s weird. Can you submit a support ticket for this? Thank you.

I am grateful for your help.
But I can’t open a support ticket, maybe because my plan is personal start.
So I asked the chat

But the suggestion didn´t work. The weird is that, if I change the mobile to landscape posicion, the profile itesn come in portuguese (at the profile header).

I will send a email to the


Any news on this issue?


Can you submit a support ticket? Thank you.

Yes, done.
Ticket: 1991558706

@BrettH Can you check this ticket number? Thank you!

Issue: translate in french issue burger menu

Ticket: 1991558706

Support link: Glide

Screen recording URL: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Type of issue: I found a bug in one of my projects


Hello, My burger menu profil info is not translate in french an default choose value too. I use last version au chrome but I have the same thing in edge. My windows language is on French and Android and chrome too because I have the same issue On android device. I saw 3 post community on this subject without solutions. Thx U.

Looks like it’s in the system. I’ll keep an eye on it - if you don’t hear anything soon let me know. I’ll be out of pocket for the rest of today.

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I also opened a ticket previously for this issue. A few days ago I requested information and received this response from Glide support.:

Ticket details:

Hello, Do you have some update related the ticket #19649? Thanks Gui Rodrigues Gonçalves

Hi Gui,

Thank you for highlighting this matter once more. I want to assure you that our engineering team is actively working to enhance localization across all languages. While I can’t provide a specific timeline for its completion right now, please rest assured it’s on our priority list.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Kind regards,


Glide Support

So, I guess it will fix soon.