Sign up / Sign in buttons translation

Hi, there are translated buttons (czech language) on desktop version (great!), but on mobile version these buttons are still in english. Can you help?

Is there any chance that your mobile device is set to English? I would think that it shouldn’t matter whether you are on a mobile or desktop. I would check the language set on both the OS and the browser.

I understand you, but that can not be the reason as I see the same problem in glide editor preview just switching the mobile and desktop version.

I will bring this up to the Glide Team and see if they have any idea, or is it’s something they are still working on. Is this a Page project or an App project? Do you have any screenshots you can share?

Thanks for your reply. It is Page project, you can find screenshots attached.

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I’ve mentioned it to Glide. I’ll let you know if I learn anything.

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