Transfer users to a new app

Is there a way of moving my users from one app : to

I’m fine with them clicking an update button in the app or similar.

I can’t seem to work this out. I can only find how to move people to a different app under the same name.

We need to change the name of the app but keep all functionality and users and the icon from the old app needs to change so that users do not get confused with our old branding and name.

Thank you.

Why do you need to transfer users ?

What do you want to change on your current app?

Hi Louis,

The name I am using and icon clashes with another business.

I want the current app to be exactly the same.

Thanks you!

You can use the formula =IMPORTRANGE in your abc sheet to get all the users email from xyz sheet

You can change the name and the icon of your current app, it would be easier, no?

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Lucas - I don’t have a user list, I have over 2000 installs as per the glide dashboard. I don’t collect login details - GDPR issues if I do.

Louisdv - If I do that anyone who has saved the app on their homescreen will still have the old name and icon - this is my assumption. I think it’s true. Can anyone confirm?

If you don’t have users details, you can’t transfer them.

I don’t know if they will still have the old name and icon, maybe you can test it on an other app to test.
But either way, I think the best way for you to not loose your users is to only change the name and icon of your current app.

Thanks Louis. Appreciate your comments. If I change the name I’m going to lose users as they will click on the old link and they won’t be an app. They will need the new name and there is no easy way to get them the new name other than a screen that says here is our new name. If I have a button that links to the new app it won’t open in a new browser tab to allow for a ‘new install’.

I think my only option is to just have a screen on the old app that tells people to go to new link to install the new app.

Be warned - think carefully about the name you pick!

If users installed the app, then yes, this would probably be the only solution. “XYZ app is now ABC app. Please delete this app and reinstall from

I’m guessing, you have to change the URL… I was hoping you could only change the name of the app and not the URL…

Just flash a notice on your app home screen asking users to delete the current app and reinstall it from the new location.

Thank you everyone. I did what you suggest Sardamit.