Tracking new rows added by a user?

Hi All

I use Glideapps for Sales tracking - lead management basically, A user recently added a lead and I wasn’t able to see which user has added the lead. I have connected the app to a google sheet and the sheet has a line item without the user name in the owner column.

How are leads added via your App?
Do you normally insert the User Email or UserID when a new lead is added?

I’m not clear whether the above has failed to work, or if you are asking how to do it?

The sales user clicks on the + sign to add a lead, where they need to add a few details. They skipped the owner field under the impression that it will be auto-fetched. Attaching the screenshot.

I had initially added a bulk lead with owner’s email id to identify the owner of the lead.

Okay, I see.

What you should do is remove that entry field, and use User Profile Columns to automatically insert the appropriate value with the form.

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