TOP 10 list

I would like to introduce a TOP 10 feature.
I have Users Glide tab with all sorts columns, some of them are user-specific (e.g. e-mail column is user specific). One column (non user-specific) shows values which I would like to use to create Top10 list of users.
Now, I insert an Inline list component and it is showing Top 10 for that particular Column as a source of data since I’m Admin. However, the user can only see his result and thus Top 10 list is displaying just him and his value from the column.
Is there any way I can figure it out so that each user can see Top 10 users?
I do appreciate your advice.

It sounds like your screen is either filtered by signed-in user, or you’re using Row Owners, so only the owner of the row can see that particular row, not all rows of data.

Thank you for your response. Yes, you are right. I have been using Row Owners as I do not want all data visible to all users. Is there any way around it? Or, I can not go around Row Owners?

One way would be to build a small table without any row owners which contains the minimum amount of data for your top 10.

If you are currently using or upgrade to private pro, then you could implement Roles.

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Thank you Eric. This is definitely a spot-on advice. Unfortunately, I assume to have hundreds of users in future (hundreds of rows) and it would mean I would have to have a separate table with other hundreds of rows. But a good point. So far, I’m using a free plan but upgrading is definitely an option for me.

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Is this a glide table or a Google Sheet?

If it’s a GSheet I’m thinking you could create a new tab, hard code a column with the numbers 1-10. Then do a =vlookup to the user profiles rank column. (Assuming you have a numbered rank column in user profiles)

Actually, I’m using Glide tables.

Then it’s a hard problem since you can’t use any helper formula to load the data, since the device does not load that data at all when the session is initiated.

Is removing Row Owners even an option for you? You might have to go Private Pro to use Roles for this.


Why would you make the email column user-specific?


You could add a Google Sheet to the app and redo the the entire user profiles tab in a new GSheet tab (Find all uses is your best friend)

Then you could leverage some helper formulas like =filter or =vlookup and build a simple 10 row table viewable to everyone.

My highest recommendation would still be to upgrade to private pro and take advantage of roles.

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I’m quite new to Glide, therefore inexperienced, and I thought it was imperative to protect sensitive personal data from being disclosed to other users. But the truth is I may use filters. I will try to remove Row Owner and see what it does to the app and if using filters is a working option here. Thank you for your insight.

I will try this option

My question was regarding user specific columns, not row owners.

These are two completely separate things. You had mentioned that you were using user specific columns for emails. I can’t think of any scenario where this would make sense.

Row owners is different. Yes, it often makes sense to make the email column a row owner, and yes it is a security feature. The thing to understand with row owners is that once it is applied, then Glide will prevent data from being downloaded to an end users device if that user isn’t an “owner” of that data.

Filters on the other hand, are applied after the data has been downloaded. So whilst filters can be used to hide data from view, the data is still there and available if users want to go looking for it (and know how to find it). So filters are not a security feature.

Sorry Darren, this is my bad. I miswrote and confused user-specific and Row Owner. The e-mail column is Row Owner not user-specific. Thank you for explanation anyway, this is great piece of information.