Today was a win: “No Wait Probate”

Montgomery County (Alabama) signed a contract to use a glide app I built to allow people who would normally wait in line outside a probate office to do so from the comfort of their vehicle. If you’ve ever been to Alabama in the summer you’d know how wonderful this is.

We are expecting Alabama Power and a few other utility companies to start using a version of it as well. Assuming all goes well with this launch.

No Wait Probate

Thank you Glide.


Congratulations, Jonathon!


Nice idea, great simple design, easy to use, got a winner there! Well done, wishing you great success with your app.


Good job!!! Congrats!!!

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Today was launch!

We got the County to sign a 6 month contract and after a seamless transition to our app, the county has released a statement to the press that they will be using this for “years to come”!

@david and @Jeff_Hager and @JackVaughan, all of this was possible to build and adopt within 2 weeks thanks to the work yall have put into this platform. Thank you!


Fantastic! You must be proud. Well done

Thanks for the shoutout, but I won’t take any credit from the Glide team. I’m just a fellow user.

Don’t forget @Mark and the rest of the fabulous glide team :wink:

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@Jeff_Hager i meant @Mark the whole time… hehe

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Awesome sauce. Congrats!

Great idea. Can we trial using it or will that muck-up ‘live’ data?

Would you be open to share some details of the overall structure and logic of the app?

You can use it all you want but joining a locations waiting list will place you in queue and you will get a text or call when it’s your turn unless you leave before it’s your turn ;).

Feel free!

This is amazing!! Love it!

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I am both envious and appreciative of your efforts to make Glide institutionally successful. I see no reason why it can’t be used to replace voting platforms as well.

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Well done. Congrats.

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This is beautiful! Congratulations.