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Next folks, using the calendar I created 4 events. The first starts at 14:00. But you travel to another continent and the time changes. Being from the US and going to London, the time difference will be 6 hours. After I arrive in London, it will be like the clock having returned without time. My events are not being listed correctly because of this clock clutter, how can I resolve this?

I will leave at 14:00 I will take a plane and arriving at my destination will be 13:00.

In my listing appears

13:00 - Second Event (Arrival at Destination - ENG)
14:00 - First Event (Leaving Home - USA)
20:00 - Third Event (Anniversary - ENG)

How can you leave a 14:00 show before 13:00?

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@IsraelWilson You would have to ask for the timezone of the beginning and ending of the event along with the time. Then in the spreadsheet do the math to store not only the local time but the GMT time or each one. Then do your sort on that column.

Sorry, I didn’t understand very well. Maybe it’s my weak English, how would I do to request the different GMT?

When you enter the events you would ask an extra question, what time zone.
So your USA entry would be:
First Event:
14:00 (your departure time from USA - NYC local time)
and EST (EST = -5 )
Calculate in another column 14:00 - 5 = 9:00 (GMT departure time)

Second Event:
13:00 (your arrival time London local time)
and GMT (GMT = 0)
Calculate in another column 13:00 + 0 = 13:00 (GMT arrival time)

Third Event:
Calculate 20:00 + 0 = 20:00

Then make sure to sort by the calculated column.

Maybe add another sheet with all the timezones and a column next to it with the difference between GMT and the zone like this one.
Then have a choice component in your event that allows the user to pick a timezone for the event.

I created a practical example.

Trip start will be from GMT time zone -03: 00 and my final destination will be GMT time zone +00: 00 when putting this in the calendar the list gets in trouble, and shows error. fourth activity


Anyone can make the copy to better understand the situation.

Maybe I’m confused. Looking at your first comment in this thread, how can you leave the US and arrive in London at an earlier time when England is always ahead of the USA. Assuming a 7 hour flight time, your arrival will be 7 hours plus the 6 hour time difference. I can still see your problem if you are traveling West (flights under an hour that cross a timezone), but traveling East will always show the events in the correct order. In your example you would arrive in London the next day. Is the time you enter always GMT or the time at the location? To me it would make more sense to be the time at the location.

I copied your app and created a new column in Page 2 that does the math to change the datetime based on your GMT column. This gives me even worse results in the calendar layout. I don’t know if your just have made up locations and times, or if this is a real example. I don’t think I’m understanding something.


Guys, thank you so much for your help!
I made a mistake myself in the time zone one day. Day 26 was really missing, so thanks for the promptness and you can count on me to help in any situation.

Thank you all again!

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