I want to programm a time tracking function. Therefore I created a new talbe called time tracking and when you hit the start button the curent time will be set… and a now row is added with your name and so on… NOW my question is. With hitting the stop button in the SAME row the value for the “end of the time tracking” has to be set. How could that work?

so you have a column with the time start… then, when hitting the stop button record the current time in the stop column…
Your stop button needs to be related to the start row… or your screen need to be on that row

thanks for your input. I do not find a solution how I can relate that. Do you have an idea for me?
So I can relate the project name and so on… but the problem is that there will be multiple time entrys. I had the idea to work with a unique identifier but this just works once… so when I add it to the row and then as a column value, it does not work.

I would need more info, on how your app work… but, let’s assume that you do this:

someone hit START… action:

  1. set a unique ID in the current sheet (USC column)
  2. add a new row, with the current time, and that unique ID.

in the table editor add a relation column between these two unique IDs

when hit END… action: set columns ROW relation… set time end with the current time.

This was the hint! The USC Column! Thanks a lot!

In case you’re interested, this is exactly how I built this template:

The unique ID in this case is the user’s employee ID.


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