How do I have a column displaying total numbers?

I have a table of student attendance. I have a list of time and date tracking for each student. I am figuring out, from my list, how can I have the total number of attendance for each user.

example as in the picture:

how can I have a display mentioning how many days “Coba” has attended the sessions?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Your screen shot is a little confusing. It looks like you expect the answer to be 2, but I see 6 occurrences of Coba in that column. Can you explain the difference? (I’m guessing it has something to do with the previous column?)

yes, you got that right … it is just an example…I need a column showing the total of Coba…I’m sorry for my bad example given earlier

Okay, so the easiest way is as follows:

  • Create a multiple relation column that matches that Pelajar column to itself
  • Then create a rollup column that takes a count through the relation column

That will give you a count for each value in your Pelajar column. Ultimately, you might need more than that, it’s difficult to say. For example, if you have another table somewhere with a list of names, you might want to create the relation from there instead.


I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea but it doesn’t seem fit for now. Have been on it for hours. Thank you for pointing this out.

Did you try what I suggested?

this is what I get from the relation column. I dont understand it, why with the question marks

Don’t worry about the question marks, you can ignore them.
What you need to do now is create a rollup column.
It should “summarize the values of” that relation that you created, taking a count of the names.

Actually, can you show me a screen shot of how your relation column is configured?

where do I create the rollup column


here is my relation config

Okay, the relation looks fine.
Create the rollup in the same table, right next to your relation column.

finally got it…thank you so much

now I’m wondering if i will need to manually key in the names every time there’s a new pelajar to this table.

Pelajar translates to Student, yes?

I think all you need is a separate table that has a list of all your Students, and then link that table to your Attendance table as I’ve shown you just now. And yes, whenever you have a new student, just add their name to the list.

Yes pelajar = student in malay language :slight_smile:

Thank you once again… Have a nice day

I’m back …I only want to list on other tables with pelajar that has num 1 on it but not num 0. Is there a way?

Just change your rollup column so that it summarises the values in that number column by taking a sum (not a count).

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I just noticed that actually my “pelajar” when it is recorded, it did not record at the same time as the time stamped. Which should be in the same row. Both rows are not supposed to be separate. Can’t find a way how to merge them together.
In this sample its not the exact same info.

I think I would need more information with this one.
Can you describe how the data is added?

There’s a tab “senarai pelajar” which will display all the students > clicking this will bring to students profile with two buttons > pressing “mula mengaji” button will add a row to timer table in pelajar column and will go to timer tab.

In timer tab, there are 3 buttons starttime , stoptime,reset. which will act accordingly and add rows in timer table.

The issue is: when in senarai pelajar tabs it adds the pelajar column to timer table (this is ok), but once in the *timer tab, when starttime button is pressed it will add a record to new row instead. The column with the earlier pelajar input will be the lower row without starttime recorded.

How do I get both of them merged in the same row?

Here are the snapshots. Sorry I cant post a lot of snaps since I’m new here.

I can see from your screen shots that you appear to have two separate Add Row actions. This will definitely result in two rows being added. The solution might be as simple as changing your second action to “Set Column Values” instead of Add Row. That will work, as long as your screen is connected to the previously created row. Based on your screen shots and description, I can’t be sure if that’s the case - but I’d say give that a try to start with.

I did set new column. The row has only This item for selection. It doesn’t work as wanted. Seems like it takes the action as new action and doesn’t pick from the last action