Rollups for count

Hi Gliders,
I have a case where I need to count student Attendance (a simple True/false if attended) to show in a report the number of times the Student Did and Did not attend. I opted to use Rollups over query, but I did not seem to get right. Any suggestions on how to best go about it?

I would be happy to set this up for you. Do you want the report to exist in the app or in google sheets? And what is the frequency of the reporting?

Thank you @Drearystate . In Google sheets on a monthly basis.

Ok, I will get to work on it for you :slight_smile:

How many students do you have currently, and what is the max capacity of students?

Can you provide a student list, just their names?

Thanks for the help @Drearystate . The list is variant (dynamic) and not static as it changes per training course, period varies from 4 week to six weeks to 8 weeks. If you would kindly explain the logic would be nice. All-in-all, Please find below the structure in mind

|No. |Student Name|Attended|
|1|Studen 1|Yes|
|2|Studen 2|No|
|3|Studen 3|Yes|
|4|Studen 4|Yes|
|5|Studen 5|Yes|
|6|Studen 6|Yes|
|7|Studen 7|Yes|
|8|Studen 8|No|
|9|Studen 9|No|
|10|Studen 10|No|

Hey @Aj2666

Try this one:

• If you’ll count in the same tab, First of all, create a relation of Student’s Name to Student’s Name (Matching multiple);

• Next, you create a Rollup column selecting this last relation you did and choosing the Attendance column, afterwards you select to Count only True;

So that, the Rollup will count the Attendance by Student’s Name :grin:


Ok, I will have it finished up today, I am using the toggles so you can just toggle real quick down the list. The reporting will consist of yesterday, last week, and current month. If you need any adjustments after I get it to you let me know.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

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I got our 1st draft ready for you. Since you didn’t give me names or a max total on students I went with 12 students and just put in stdent 1, student 2, etc. The reports are setup to come from the sheet tab titled reports. But they will be in the app as well here in a minute.

I will be off and on today so if you need anything fixed let me know. If you need the reporting explained and the cell formulas explained, again just let me know :slight_smile:

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Ok, you now have charts in the monthly reporting section of the app, if you use the link it should update automatically.

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Hi guys! super helpful reading through your advice here

I’ve got an issue where the the DONE button isn’t clickable when i try to count TRUE values.

I have a similar case of wanting to show a graph of attended classes per student. I’ve created a relationship in the ‘student’ sheet to the ‘class calendar’ sheet. Each student has multiple items referenced in the ‘student’ sheet now. Next, I want to count these items…but I can’t work out how Notice the done button is not clickable

thanks in advance

Here’s a picture

Can you send a screenshot of the google sheet? Does it already have true values in thta column?

Is your relation a single or multiple relation?

It’s a multiple relation


Here it shows 6 classes associated to the top record image

and the goal is to rollup the count of reserved classes for the selected student. This is the boolean ‘reserved’ column


Thanks for helping out, really appreciate it

That’s strange. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to add the rollup. Can you try to make a duplicate of your app and try it in the duplicate? Also would you make able to allow your app to be copied so we could take a look? Nothing is jumping out to me based on your screenshots.

I’ve tried duplicating. No luck.

I’ve allowed the app to be copied temporarily

I have a copy if you want to stop sharing.

I think you definitely identified a bug. Possibly with the new ability to rename columns in combination with using a rollup against a renamed relation. Did you happen to rename the relation column after you created it?

I was able to reproduce the problem. First I created an identical relation and then created a rollup column against that relation. Everything worked fine and I was able to get a count of the true reserved checkboxes. It wasn’t until I renamed the relation column that I could no longer create a rollup against that relation with the ‘Done’ button being grayed out.

Deleting and recreating the relation with the name already set would fix this issue.

@Mark I think we definitely have a bug here. I have a copy of the app in this state if you need it.