How do I have a column displaying total numbers?

Okay, I think I see what is going on.
Which button adds the new row - is that the Start button?
It looks like you are adding a new row, but your screen is still attached to the first row, so when you do a set column values it’s going to change the values in the first row of the table, instead of the row you just added.

Anyway, I think we maybe should take a step back, because I think you might be making this more complicated than it needs to be.

Can you tell me a bit more about the purpose of this screen?
What is it that you are timing, and do you need to keep a permanent record of the time each time you start and stop?

Also, have you looked at the Stopwatch component?

What I wanted to do is this

1-List tab will show all the students profile when clicked on a particular student name > student profile will be shown ( this is done via list). This screen will have a button that will take the user to a new tab Timer. Clicking this tab will mean that the student is ready to start their lesson. Once the button is pressed, the record of student name will be written in timertable and user will be brought to timertab

2- In this Timer tab. There are 3 buttons starttime/stoptime/reset buttons. Starttime is to start the timer, stop will stop the timer, and reset will clear the screen. Start and stop will input timestamp in the timer row. (here I select add row)

The row of num 1 and the row of num 2 are not in the same row. I need it to be in the same row. Trying to record that this time record is for which student. If the row is empty I won’t be able to tell whose time is recorded in the table. (here I selected set column values) :frowning:

What if that student already has a record in that Timer table? Would you want to use the one that is already there, or create a new one?

Should it be possible to “Go Back” and start the timer for a 2nd student before the first one finishes, or would you only ever time one at a time?

for example here. If you see the row 4 is when i press the button on num 1
row 123 is what ill get when i press the start in timer tab

answering to the question
every time we start and stop a timer it should display timestamp of start , stop and duration. also the name of the student it is ment for. everytime we start again it will start a new line.

the record will be completed once the stop button is pressed, or every time the start button is pressed new line will be recorded

recording the start time and stop time also with new row is not a problem in my case. the problem is how do i get the name of student recorded along with the record

pls ignore the blue sketches

Please have a look at this, and let me know if it does what you are trying to do.

It can be copied, so you can make your own copy and study it to see how it works.


Thank you so much. looks like just what I want. let me explore a little bit and will surely update.

Its almost there but its not there yet.

In this scenario
If Tamsin login and start timer for Alan, the record will show Alan as subject
IF Tamsin login and start timer for Tamsin , the record will show Tamsin subject

needed scenario

if Tamsin login and start timer for Alan, a record with info of Tamsin as recorder and Alan as the subject will be shown
In this case Tamsin is the teacher and Alan is the student

I will have hidden the Tamsin in the list, but in record still won’t have the info such as Tamsin as recorder and Alan as subject


Okay, I understand.

I made some changes to it, please try now.

Note that the Teacher name is only saved if the Teacher is signed-in, otherwise it will appear as “Unknown Teacher”


looks like now i have got a lot of new local students :star_struck:

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What does it mean sv > *helper
what does helper table do and how does it work ?

:clap: :clap: :clap:

The Helper table is (as the name suggests) a “Helper”, or “Working” table. This is something that many of us use in these types of situations. Strictly speaking it isn’t required, but it does help to keep some of the app logic separated from the app data. It will only ever contain a single row, and you will notice that both the “Student” and “Start” columns are User Specific. This will allow multiple teachers to use it at the same time for different students without getting in each others way.

sv/helper is a special type of Single Value column. If you look at the configuration you will see that it looks in the first row of the Helper table, and takes the whole row.

The purpose of this one is to allow us to set the StudentID in the Helper table when we select a Student from the list. You can see that if you look at the custom action that’s assigned to the Students list:

Notice that it does a Set Column Values using the sv/helper column, which means that we are setting values in the first row of the Helper table. We set the values of the two user specific columns. Student is set to the StudentID of the student we just selected, and the value in the Start column is cleared, so that it’s ready to start timing for this student.


so much I need to learn and understand

how did u get the student id and row id?
why is the lock appears next to row id

where can I read much about this? not sure where to start

That’s a special kind of column, it gives a unique value in each row. The lock is there to indicate that the values are automatically assigned and cannot be edited.

The Glide Library is a good place to start…

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