Roll up of relation column

I have a table of books that includes the book title and the user who has read the book. Many users read the same books. I am trying get a total of books read by title.

I set up a second table that has the book title and a second column that is a relation from the title to the big table of all books read. The relation table allows multiples and correctly lists each user that has read the book. I can look at the table and count the number of users in the relation column for each book. When I add a rollup column to count the number of items in the relation column, the relation column does not show up as a choice to rollup.

I have read through all of the forum entries and Glide documentation on this and cannot crack it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you show a screen shot of your relation configuration?

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Two screen shots: The rollup table and the detail table.

Thank you

Your relation column looks okay.

So when you add a Rollup column to your “rollups” table, you are saying that the “relate” column doesn’t appear as an option for “Summarise the values of”?

That doesn’t sound right to me. Can you try adding the column, and then show me what you see when you expand that drop-down (like below):

It’s the first item in the list - “relate”

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Sorry for the bother. Thank you!

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