How can I make a Total column for a table with corresponding data in another table

Hi, I am engaged with a community called Tiger Watch, which is dedicated to preserving tigers here in Ranthambore National Park, India, specifically in educating the young ones of a traditional and marginalized poaching tribe. Here are the details of my current project and a link for the doc:-


Teachers upon reaching the village share check in and check out pics on Whatsapp daily as logs to be checked by the group admins. Moreover, they share report cards of students on a monthly basis and are reviewed by the admins.They also share other pics of new developments, homework, tests, marks etc. All of this is done manually and requires unnecessary scrolling to check.

Problem to be Addressed

The logs system is redundant and tedious for accessing, especially admins. It could be digitised into a database application whose defined users are teachers and admins. Teachers will fill entries on a daily and monthly basis on the following parameters, which can be accessed by admins at any time and shared notifications as well.


  • Users:-
    • Teachers
    • Admins
  • Original Database of students’ data of villages
  • Entries:-
    • Daily
    • Monthly
  • Daily Entries for teachers:-
    • Drop Down Lists-
      • Date (Calendar)
      • Check in Time (current time or specify time)
      • Teacher name
      • Village Name
      • Current Location
      • Check out Time
      • Serial No. (also auto shows student name from database)
        • Attendance of student (Yes or No)
        • Cleanliness (Yes or No)
    • Type In Details-
      • Photo/Video Upload
      • Stories Taught (if any)
      • Other info. (Including reason for not taking class, Insufficient Attendance)
  • Monthly entries for teachers:-
    • Drop Down Lists-
      • Date and Month
      • Teacher name
      • Village Name
      • Subject
    • Type In Details-
      • Serial No. of Student
        • Student Name (Auto fill)
        • Parent Name (Auto fill)
        • Progress Based on Gradation in each subject (Grade)
        • Total Attendance
        • Cleanliness Grade
      • Other Developments (eg- new infrastructure, village addition)
  • Admin:-
    • Access Daily logs
    • Access Monthly Reports
    • Access images
    • Show summary
    • Choose best pics of the month for social media posts

I have one table for taking in daily register entries which has a column called Attendance which takes binary values. I have a different table for making monthly reports which has a column for Total Attendance should compute the total days of attendance using the data from the other table. How can I implement this?

Create a multiple relation column in your summary table that matches an appropriate value in the second table, and then use a rollup column to get a count, through that relation.


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