Timestamp when switch or choice is triggered

I know I can add a timestamp when submitting a form or anytime an action is allowed. But actions are not allowed on switches or choices.

I need to be able to create a timestamp when a project or task value changes to ‘closed’ in my project management app.

You can always use an action that will both change the task value and write a timestamp

I’m not sure that fits the use case.

When a user finishes a task they move the task to “completed”, either with a switch, a checkbox or on the Kanban board.

I’m not aware of any way to trigger a timestamp Action when the value changes to “completed”.

Am I missing something?

I guess currently you want to add a button… that performs the action instead of the switch or choice.

However as you mentioned entire actions on switch and choice components would really really be helpful. Actions on big numbers as well.

You can create an HTML switch. Copy the URL of the switch with the on and off position… use it in the rich text component and add action… as for now, there is no action for the native switch or choice… unless you are using Google Sheets as your database… then you can add onChange trigger, to run a simple script to add timestamp to the active row.

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Glide databases could really use the onChange trigger

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Yep… that’s why all my Apps are based on GS.