How to do this? Timestamp per choice

I have a choice component with 5 options, each is a phase in a project.
For every phase I want a time stamp. So phase 1 has its own timestamp, phase 2, etcetera.
How would you do this?

Choice component is a bit strange unless you’re allowing them to select/navigate willingly between all 5 phases…

What are you trying to accomplish by having the user select a phase?

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It’s the admin that chooses:

  1. Ordered.
  2. Paid
  3. Delivered

So how would you do it, @Robert_Petitto ?
So far I have let people use a button to push to a new phase (by adding the corresponding number to a column)

What I tend to do is have separate date columns for each phase. Then an if then else column that displays a status based on what dates are filled in for each record:

Ordered On Paid on Delivered on Status (if-then-else)
1/1/2022 Ordered
1/1/2022 2/2/2022 Paid

On the details screen, buttons will mark current date time to the appropriate column—buttons have visibility conditions set based on the Status


Yeah, something like that is what I have been doing too. But I liked the choice component so much that I hoped that could work too :wink:

replace the choice component with an inline list, and use custom actions

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It’s just that the only way to get a time stamp would be a button press anyway. Selecting an option from a choice component doesn’t trigger an action.

Plus, having a choice component really doesn’t make sense as part of the user experience because it’s not like you want your Admins to select a phase that doesn’t fall in line with the progression of the project.

Well, I trust them with that choice of course :wink: But thanks a lot, I will use my old way!