Time tracking app

I need an app that will allow users to record in and out date/time.
Tom arrives at the office so he clicks the IN button. When he leaves he will obviously click the OUT button.
Right now I have two tables: one for INs and one for OUTs. I think that handling both in a same table would be challenging (possible?).

I can use the date-time component plus appropriate formatting and it works, but I don’t know how to review data grouped by date.

I might be a but confusing but I hope you get the idea. The app idea itself is quite simple though.

Any suggestions on which would be the best approach?


In and out is doable…you’d just use a setcolumn action vs an add row/form action. I plan on building one once the QR code scanner feature is released.


So are you saying the QR scanner is on the way :star_struck: ??

It has been in staging for 2 months but we don’t know when it will be in production…

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I have a use case where 300-500 workers need to be rapidly clocked on every morning.
Perfect scenario for a QR code scanner, methinks.