Time Sheet App

Not sure if this is possible. I want to build an app that would allow my employees to enter their time. Is there a way that each employee would be able to see their time sheet only. I don’t someone to be able to edit someone else’s time sheet.

Yes you can allow users to only see rows that they are the owners of. Look up “Row Owners” for more information.

For the time sheet app, I’ve thought about creating one too. One thing that became a bit annoying was that there is no “Time” component — just date/time… so users would have to enter both the date and time each time they enter a new value. On our time sheets, staff enter start time, break time, lunch time, end time, so they’d have to enter the date each time as well (not just the time).

I submitted a Feature Request for a Time only component because of this. Vote for it in the Feature Requests app if you agree!

So I put a small project together that tracks snow plow driver’s times. The Supervisor inputs time in & time out, using the automatic date/time stamp as the “times”. To get the duration, I subtract the start timestamp from the end timestamp -


The key to getting a good time elapsed or time worked is to format the final result as “DURATION” in google sheets.

Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for the tips! Are you saying that your form uses the “Current Date/Time” column component to get the information when the form is submitted? Does that also mean the supervisor essentially submits a form twice per day to get this information? It’s interesting to get other views on how time sheets are created/submitted in different environments (not only in terms of the Glide processes, but just in general too).

I apologize - I just tried it again - I use the date/time picker in both cases - clock in - and out. It formats the same way as the date/timestamp.

The supervisor checks in the driver by opening a form with a button, and capturing all the required info. That adds the “active” driver to an inline list of drivers working for this operation. At the end of the shift, the supervisor selects the driver from that inline list, and the screen opens to the check in details, with an edit field that writes to “time out” and to “check out supervisor”. The time is again date/time picker, and they manually enter their supervisor name.

Ah okay that makes sense then. I guess the “Current Date/Time” isn’t always necessarily the time the supervisor will need to enter, otherwise it would have made the process even simpler by being able to use the Column component to auto-collect this information. Time sheets are a pain!

Yeah, I was disappointed when I saw that. The good new is you have consistency in all your entries with the date/time picker. You’ll never need to go back and edit a time format to get a good calculation for time worked.