Time format and Arrayformula function

I am using array formula function in my spreadsheet to auto-fill calculations when glide users fill a form. One of the array formula function need to be in time format (ex: HH:MM:SS) but when a new line is created the time format disappear and becomes a simple number (ex : 1,299990).
Does someone can help me ?
Thank you

Can you show what your arrayformula looks like?

Also, I would ask the question do you actually need this time column in your spreadsheet?
If the data is only used in Glide, then you might find that it’s better to calculate this in Glide using date math.

When I create a new row in the Glide data I have the same problem:

This is happening because you don’t have rows under, so glide is actually adding a new row which is not formatted by Google, add more rows to that sheet, and in array formula delete second “”
If(l2:l="", , l2:l - …

If I have 100 rows under formatted by Google, Glide will create a new one after the 100 and the new one will not die formatted

Add 1000 or more

If you erase “” from arrayformula, glide will add to next empty row

You need to change all your arrayformulas.
You are writing “” to cell’s that’s why glide considering those rows not empty and adding unformated new row.
Change your arrayformulas, and erase manually all empty rows (not delete… erase)

And always use this way to check empty rows:
=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A="", , B2:B - C2:C))

If I add 1000rows Glide create a row after these 1000.
With or without 33 glide create a new row with the array formula function

Erase all empty rows…

You need to find and change all arrayformulas in this sheet
The reason why Glide is adding a row after 1000 rows is because they are not empty, your arrayformulas writing “” to these rows… fix all formulas in this sheet the way i show you (not only one formula, all of them)

I do exactly what you said: erase empty row by changing “” by ;; on all array formula. I add 500 rows.
But it doesn’t work :frowning:

By the way I find a solution but it’s not easy.
I create a new sheet and I enter “=arrayformula(‘Parcours en Etoile’!M:M)”. On this sheet I change the format to time format.
Then on the first sheet I add a new column and I enter a new array formula to copy the second sheet. :grinning:

Why you using ; ?
Use ,

If is not working, you missed some formulas, and is still populating data

Or you have some filter or query formula there that is filling down columns with empty values

Other countries use ‘;’ in place of ‘,’ and vice versa.


Guys need your advise please How to create a formal on single row sheet need to copy the single row on glide when action happened without any triggers would be appreciate if anyone get back to me ASAP as this am urgent I’m happy to pay for the service Thanks in advanced-))

can you provide more details? we can do Zoom if you wanna show me your screen