Thinking through the checkout process of a real estate post rental system

Hello everyone,
Only a few days on glide. Only about 2 weeks or so new to the no code space.

Just putting some forethought into how I am going to buildout the form/checkout process. Wondering if I could get some advice before I dive into it.

The concept is pretty simple. I want to build something to order real estate post installations. People see their installations, their inventory and can order a new installation.

The problem I’ve had while browsing other store options/app builders is that the checkout is either a membership service or I am unable to collect enough information when it is item based. When people order, they are filling out a form: post color, size, installation date, sign in warehouse or at the house, any riders, etc etc. Price is based on location.

I have not tried the marketplace feature in glide yet. I’m guessing I will have the same checkout issue. In my mind, I am thinking of building it out like this:
-When people click on new order it brings them to a form that writes to an “order field”
-On form submission, it gets sent to integromat/make
-I create payment links for all combinations of purchases on stripe
-they get sent to stripe to make the payment
-if successful, they get sent back, the screen says success and they get redirected to the main front page.

Much appreciated if you guys could let me know of an easier way to do this or where there is a roadblock in the logic.


I think the main problem with your flow is that your users won’t be sent directly to Stripe to make the payment.

You would have to get the Stripe payment link, bring it back to Glide, then show it as a button with the “open link” action.

An alternative for you is to:

  • Create a form to insert post color, size, installation date, sign in warehouse or at the house, any riders, etc. This, ideally, should be a row in Google Sheets. After the form submission, show the details screen of the row you just added.

  • Create an arrayformula in Google Sheets to calculate your price, because price needs to be a basic column (instead of a computed one).

  • Create another arrayformula in Google Sheets to combine all info (post color, size, installation date, etc) to a single column and use that as the description for your buy button.

  • Add a buy button, point the title, description, price etc and show that to the user.

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