The Tea Map

Introducing The Tea Map!

I’m a tea blogger and tea nerd, so whenever I’m in a new city the first thing I want to know is: “Where’s the good tea?”

I wanted to learn Glide, so I decided to make an app for that! Scratching my own itch and learning a new tool was a ton of fun. This community has been great with support and help as well.

I’ve already added ~30 locations manually to the Sheet database and I’m hoping other tea lovers like me will help me grow a richer, more interesting list for all.

Here’s what the app does currently:

  • See a global map view of tea houses, shops, and restaurants with tea service
  • Open a listing for more detailed information
  • Search based on city, state, country, name
  • Submit your own recommendations for additions to the map

Things I’d like to add to the app going forward:

  • User accounts
  • Favoriting/creating lists stored in the user account
  • User reviews and ratings

And I still have a couple open questions:

  1. When the app starts in map view, it starts way zoomed out. Can I make it start zoomed in to my local area?
  2. I’d love a better (i.e. more attractive) way to display bulleted lists of features on the listing details page. Any good examples of that in the community?

All feedback is welcome, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


That map is going to attempt to show all the pins that are in the list. Maybe once you get to the point of adding user accounts, the first tab could show a reduced list of places based on the users location or city.

Looks like you are using a markdown bulleted list. My only suggestion would be to throw in some symbols or emojis. This is a good source.

I’m also a fan of

Looks really good!

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Very nice! I live near some of these so I will check them out! :tea:


This is super helpful! I saw another post on the forums about cookies. Could I use location data stored in cookies as a work-around in the case where a user is using the app without an account?

Not that I’m aware of. You can pinpoint your location on the map, but the location isn’t accessible to be used within the app.