The great Christmas Jumper Exchange App is here!

So here is my app for the Christmas competition although the whole idea of the app is to have one app where all can exchange Christmas jumpers so I’m not sure it’s going to win on the ‘most used template’ front. However the whole point is to have some fun!

The idea - Rather than buying a new Christmas jumper, why not just exchange! And the bonus is it’s not a swap and it won’t cost you anything - As long as you list as many as you get then you are free to gain a new jumper from whoever you like.

There is functionality within the app to be able to calculate your distance from any particular jumper but as this is a non-pro app I have removed this functionality as otherwise it won’t work due to the quotas available for calculating distance on free apps :wink:

As the UK saying goes - Go fill yer (Father Christmas) boots!



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I thought this app would make an appearance!


Yeah I thought I saw something similar last year.

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Yep - I created the initial version earlier this year and posted it in here but then it’s taken a back burner due to other projects.


Jumper - now there’s a word I haven’t heard for a while. Makes me homesick :joy:


Brings me back to this tune:


Apologies - Maybe I should have called it Christmas sweater exchange!!


Probably. I don’t know what a jumper is.

In Britain (and Australia), we wear jumpers to keep warm in the winter. In the US, they wear sweaters.

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Yeah…still a sweater.