Multi-level filtering app - Christmas Jumper Swap

Hi all,
I have had an idea for a while that I have now created a (first release) app for.
The macro idea is to have an app where people can swap Christmas jumpers rather than buying a new one - Saving people money & helping the environment in the process. Ultimately I would like to offer the app to charities to use (for free) and amending the app so that you have to pay a listing fee with 100% of the listing fee (if I can get around Stripe fees!) going to the charity.

There is some dummy data in the app for now (noting the mobile number in the listings is my mobile number!) but the functionality of the app is up and running - You can even add your own jumpers for swapping! I will need to add in some privacy policy / GDPR sign-up checkbox once I go live as the app needs peoples mobile number (and location) to work properly.

The app uses a multi-filtering technique adapted from @Robert_Petitto and also uses the new location slider. The location slider may not work for all as this is currently a free app so I’m not sure what happens after the 10 free searches per month!

I decided to use a button linked to the lister mobile phone number rather than creating a one to one chat method I have seen on here as, without in-app notifications I am sure messages would get missed.

I have yet to work out a way of stopping someone listing one jumper and then gaining more than one. Any ideas welcome!


LOVE THIS. Would love to participate or buy a copy of this (of course here in the States we say Christmas Sweater).

Thanks Robert.
We also think pants are something different as-well!

Happy to provide it for free if you’re happy to collaborate on app improvements?

Not sure how to share it - App templates or just the app sharing in the general app settings?

It’s pretty late here so I will have a deep look tomorrow, but it looks great Phil. I would love to help in improvements as well, great cause behind that.

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Not sure how it is currently working in the backend, but you might:

  • Do a rollup to check an email account has posted or received how many jumpers.
  • Have a condition that when the received is less than the posted amount, allow them to gain a jumper. Otherwise block it.

Thanks for that. I have a rollup that counts the number of jumpers listed and the ‘contact jumper owner’ button only shows when the rollup is 1 or greater.
The main issue is getting a trigger for someone receiving a jumper as the transaction is done out of the app (via text message and in person).

I was thinking of somehow getting the ‘seller’ to identify the ‘buyer’ when they go in to the jumper listing to mark it as not available, but that then relies upon the ‘seller’ knowing some form of UID of the ‘buyer’ and also for them to actually complete this part of the process.