The Category tab in the Job Offer template

Hi everyone. Im new here and I was browsing the templates and I was wondering how should I organize my google sheet or what features need to be used to have the categories features breakdown as it is on the Job Offer app template?

Hi Renee, first of all welcome to the Glide community!

Not sure what the owner used, but I think it can be achieved using an inline list.

You can read more about how to make inline lists here:

Feel free to ask us if you need assistance!

Hi ThinhDinh,
Thank you! Do I have to switch to the advanced/pro version utilize the inline list feature?


You do not need to switch to the pro version to use the inline list feature.

I highly recommend that you follow the starter guides all the way to the Deep Dives, and build the three apps from scratch in the respective order they are presented. It’s time well invested that will make you proficient with Glide:

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Gliderrr has provided the answer to you, if you need my help then just drop me a message.

Check out the Multi-Level Select example in That might be similar to what you are looking for.

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