Thank You

In this post, I haven’t had time to say thank you.

thanks for helping me @Jeff_Hager and @Darren_Murphy , thanks also for you @Robert_Petitto , i followed your tutorial on youtube.
my problem solved.


I found one more problem, before I added the user, everything worked as I expected.
but when i add a user, this is what happens…
when user A has selected the required data everything goes well, but when user B selects the required data the data is mixed with user A’s data.
how to make it run dynamically?

Are your choice components writing to User Specific Columns?

no,but i wrote it directly in the user table,does this have any effect?

That will only work if you have row owners, or have the current screen filtered by signed in user.

But it’s better to just use user specific columns.

ok i will try it…

thanks darren, that way worked, i guess if choice component write in user table it will work :grinning:
once again i say thank you…