Thank you Glide

Just to say thanks to Glide - the regular stream of new features means we continue to discover great new options.

I’m late to the party but for example, this week I added calendar invites and AI to my soccer team manager App.

The calendar invites are surprisingly popular and was simple to add (watch out: go back and check the new respect time zone check box in the date column).

I’m less impressed with the AI GPT integration. It’s taking my money but more often than not giving inaccurate answers. It is studying a table of results and seems incapable of running even basic stats. Very disappointing and IMHO this 3.5 version should be free to use based on the poor performance. I would love to know when Glide will integrate access to the latest models. Right now it’s a waste of time and cash.


Which OpenAI integration are you using? You could try “ask a question (without history)” and prepare a template column with the exact data you want… then use that template column for your prompt.

Yes, the question is asked without history. I point it to the table and only select useful columns. Seems to be very very stupid most of the time, sadly.

I assume it’s using chat GPT 3.5.

You have access to the latest models, you just have to specify them in the model field. From experience, though they’re not much better

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I think this is not very well-known that the “ask table” feature will only select the top X “related” rows to answer your question. If it takes the right row, you might be good, else it’s not. It’s not “aggregating” data as you might want it to do.

You might want to showcase all your data in a CSV/JSON form inside your prompt, and if you have access to their 16k tokens model it should be good for a while, until your historical data outgrows it.


Thanks for the response Thinh… appreciated. I did not know about the shallow analysis of rows in the table. That explains a lot. What a pity there is no aggregation. Using the CSV/JSON is a bit above my paygrade right now… something for the future. Thanks again.

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