Answer question about table - Poor performance

Hey guys , I have a simple CSV as a table and am using the openai action to chat with it but the performance is really bad. It doesnt get the correct answers often at all and Im wondering is this due to the model being used?

I can’t change the model being used with this integration and wonder why its not a feature for Glide AI yet either?

This feature of the OpenAI integration was experimental – it does not work reliably.

We are working on deeper changes to Glide that will enable a reliable version of this.


Thanks David.

That would be an awesome addition.

Nice touch adding the “hide sidebar” recently also.

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Hi Emmet! I was wondering what is the temperature that your ai chat is set to? (EDIT: Try 0,1). Also may be try to convert csv into json format and see if ai can analyse it better then csv… You can also create a separate ai assistant that is trained on your data and connect it to Glide via API call and chat with it.

Yes , I have some external chatbots but have some use cases that need the openai integration.

I wonder if you can reliably convert your data into vectors in Glide and create a RAG application yourself. It might be worth a try.

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@Loqode just came up with a solution for this, he’s posting a full tutorial soon :nerd_face: