GlideAI vs OpenAI

When and why do you use GlideAI and when and why do you use OpenAI? Is GlideAI more than an easy way / shortcut into AI? Does it give better results or can you do everything with OpenAI you can do with GlideAI?

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Ive been switching from OpenAI to GlideAI for the simple fact theres no additional charges for GlideAI. For something simple like a recipe maker I haven’t noticed any differences. For Chat With History, Text to Speech and Generating Images… OpenAI is the way.


Thank you, good to know!

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I have a new combination use

  • issue - openAI response if often cut off! (result arrives in Output/ OpenAI) and users get frustrated


  1. glide ai column - text to Boolean - is output/ openAI likely not complete (such as unfinished sentence) > results in Boolean true / false
  2. glide ai column - generate text - instruct - please complete in keeping with the following text, no duplication - message = output/ OpenAI
  3. template column - OpenAI + glide extra text
  4. display/ ite-show original response or expanded template
  5. in layout, only display the result when the ai text gen has returned a result

So OpenAI provides cool answers 90-95%… and then the sentence gets completed well enough.

Then the next magic is to ‘start conversation’ and have a chat :slight_smile:


cool :slight_smile: