This one may seem nit picky but from a UI/UX perspective I think it’s pretty important. It would be great if we could switch between single text field and a multiple line text-area. I realize that as you write multiple lines in a text field, it expands, but from a visual perspective, certain types of data entry should be communicated to the user as more paragraph style. A bio, for example, is odd being entered on a single expanding line. We rarely see multi-line data being given in a single-line text field for input in modern apps. Another use case is status updating. Imagine if Twitter or Facebook had just a single line text field for users to input their tweet or post. It would communicate to the user from the onset that this should be one-sentence long content. The closest thing we have to multi-line text is the Note component, but that doesn’t really feel right. Text areas are a standard part of html and app forms, and I’d really like to see Glide bring this to us soon.

Great idea.


Yes, it would be amazing!

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Any word on multi line data inputs coming?

This has been available for a long time.

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