Was hoping for the webview this week. One day left to hope! :wink:

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This I am hoping is an amazing addition to Glide. I cannot wait for this feature.


Yes, very impatient, my app can’t wait to get this component :smile:

What are you planning to do? any interesting ideas? :slight_smile:

Well, Glide is limited to 1 data piece per row, it makes it harder to work with lists and charts, I am thinking of the possibility of setting up a interactive workflow experience where you dont get to just look at data but using drop downs and queries having the data provided dynamically change immediately.

@Drearystate You can establish user specific columns and relations to use a choice component or text entry to dynamically pull additional data into the row as a chart or list, if that’s something you are looking for.

I’m wanting the entire app to be arranged similar to how it is setup for employee listing. Here is what I see when I pull up my employee listing. I would like most of the pages to keep a side menu with details as well.


So are you talking about using webview to somehow emulate the tablet/desktop mode feature, but with more customization?

The biggest hurdle I think glide has is that it only allows 1 piece of data per line. It would be nice to be able to have data on one side and say a table next to it in webview. Or if I have text on one line I can have more than one data entry on that line. An example would be lets say I’m creating a inventory app and I have 3 cases of cheese, 2 bags of cheese and 2 lbs on the line. As far as glide is concerned I either need to do the math or use 3 lines to perform this feat. Why not have cheese as the label then 3 multiple data fields off to the left of it. That’s just an example of utilizing a larger screen view.


Hi, I see some kind of web data works and some does not.Sso what kind of data is allowing now in the WEBVIEW?