Text-To-Speech, Read outloud?

Hi all :cherry_blossom:
With MS Edge (and other browsers I assume), we can now right-click and “Read out loud”, with a choice of voice and “language accent”.
I haven’t tested apps that do the same on Android, but, it would be could to have the Glide app screens contents read out loud.

My use case: Job Interviews questions. The plugin/component would read the question AND call the user by his/her FirstName as I compute it in my app.
“Question Number Five: Andrea, tell me what you would change to improve our product and what impact you expect?”

And of course sight-impaired users.
Thks for your consideration & Enjoy Your Job :cowboy_hat_face::cherry_blossom::croissant:🏌‍♂ :golfing_woman: :teddy_bear::sparkling_heart: