Inquiry for Multi language for the visually impaired

Good morning from Nagano, Japan.
I am Tomoyuki, would like to ask you some question.
I am trying to set for the visually impaired (ex. VoiceOver in android) in Japanse. However, the sounds comes as English.
Is there any way to set as Japanese?
Best regards.

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sorry it’s not English, probably in Chinese.
but I want to set as Japanese.

My Android is Pixel 3 XL.

OS version Android 10
build QQ2A.200405.005 (latest version)

by the way iOS speaks in Japanese well.


I don’t know anything about VoiceOver, but is it possible that the voice app has a wrong setting or is set to the wrong local? Is it the same on all Android phones? A video or screenshots might it make more sense.

Hi all, the deeper issue is that the rendering engine is not inserting the HTML language declaration that the screen reading software (VoiceOver in this case) needs in order for it to use the appropriate language synthesizer.

I would also love to see the option to set the language for a page or the entire Glide app.