AI + Glide voice-to-text app

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Prepare for a wild ride into the heart of no-code app creation with Jesus from the trailblazing team at LowCode Agency .

We’ve just released a video that’s going to set your creative juices on fire! :fire: We explore, an insanely innovative AI audio app. But here’s the kicker: Jesus then works his no-code magic to build a similar app using Glide - and he does it all in under 30 minutes! :astonished::rocket:

Want to see Glide (#GlideApp) in action like never before? This is your chance to gain invaluable insights, as we demonstrate how Glide makes complex AI-powered app creation a breeze.

Thinking of birthing your own AI no-code app (#NoCode)? Got an idea that’s just itching to become a reality? Check out our video and then connect with us at LowCode Agency. We’re always ready to help fellow Gliders transform their innovative ideas into smooth, user-friendly applications. We’ve built 282 apps so far!


I did a little update to my app. Summary wasn’t enough, and sometimes I want to give it specific instructions… So this is v2 of the Audiopen(ny) Glide app!