Text to date - delay 6 hours, how to solve it?

Hi, My local time now is 17:32.
Glide text to date is: 11:32

I am having problem with the time, at 00:00 my app does not resets to “new day”, the date that the user sees still shows “yesterday”. around 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning it starts the new day(and shows the current right date).

What do I need to write in local and/or Time zone to fix it?
My local time zone is GMT+3 (by google), tried adding GMT+3 and it does not work.
ALSO tried using the math column by ‘FIX TIME + 6’ but is calculates only the date and not the hours.

Adding screen shot:

Thank you.

Well there might be a better solution overall but you could try ‘FIX TIME + 0.25’

0.25 will add 6 hours to a date time because 1/4 of a day is equal to 6 hours.

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Hi, thank you.
That’s solve it , now it shows the right time.

But, Is it my PC time? Or the local zone time? What happen if I move to different time zone? Or my users?
All my users are from the same time zone, I would like that my time and their time and the app time will all be the same.

Thank you.

Can you show what’s your configuration for the “Date Fix” column, which “date” value are you using for that?

This is a dangerous solution, Eric :wink: Other users from different time zones will not have the right time.

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