Text Style Help

I have two versions of the same app, one is paid (operational), one is not (test environment). I have two issues:

  1. Why does the text style look different, actually less functional in the paid version?


  1. How do I get the title that is currently in the bottom right corner to go away (this image is from them test app)?

When I look at the options in the “Text Style” box, there isn’t a “don’t show” or similar option.

Hi Lori,

I don’t have a pro app, so I can’t comment on the first question.

Regarding the second one, is it linked with a component in your overlay? Can you find the overlay option and turn it off?

Can you show all of your component settings from both apps? You shouldn’t be losing options. I’m thinking you aren’t comparing the same things. For example, you are comparing two different position settings (text below vs text overlay). That’s going to make different options show or hide.

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You have overlay positioning turned on in the pro app. If you turn it on in the free app, you’ll get the same features:

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I don’t want an overlay at all. How do I get it to go away?

Switch the “position” to the left icon (the one circled in the right pic).