Can´t Remove Background from Pro version


I created a Pro App and then duplicate it to create another app as I want to use same template. But I want to use the free option. What is happening is I can´t remove the branded background in the free option! Is there any way to remove that?



Here it is the screenshot : branded-background

Probably a bug, but you could temporarily remove the background, then copy the app, then re-add the background.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your comment. Yep, I think it´s a bug. I did what you mentioned as I saw it would be the only solution to solve the issue.

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I believe I ran into the same problem. I duplicated an app that was under a Pro subscription that had a background and icon. In the duplicated app (free), I just want to set to default plain color and emoji, but I can’t remove the background nor the icon.

We should let you remove backgrounds in the Free version, great suggestion.