Loader page background color change

Is there a way to changes the background color of the loader/splash pages in the free version of Glide? I want to change it from green to white so the background of the uploaded logo blends with the background of the whole page.

There is no option in settings>appearance that I see to adjust the color.

Thank you for any suggestions.

If your App is pro then you can change the background. You can even add an image of your choice but the App has to be Pro. I hope I have understood your question properly.

Luther thank you. I was hoping to at least changes the background color. The default is a random shade of green.

Do you know of a way for the app to acknowledged rounded corners of my logo? It oly shows 90 degree corners despite the image having rounded corners.

I don’t believe you have an option to customize that.

I believe on Pro, we can use a customized background image so that’s your best shot at customizing the logo and the background as you want.