Text message: Invalid recipient

Hello Glide,

The device with which the bug occurred is running Chrome 81.0.4044.111 on Android 9.

I’m using a phone button component that has a prepopulated message to be sent via text.

The source phone number is formatted as (555) 555-5555 which is a standard formatting for the North American region where the app is used. The phone selection functions properly.

When the text bubble is selected to send a message the following warning shows up: Invalid recipient.
Subsequently the warning disappears and the phone’s native texting screen appears. The phone field is empty, the prepopulated message does appear in the text field as intended.

How could I ensure that the source phone number populates the phone field in the native text screen?

Are you sure the text bubble is not coming from your text app? Which app are you using for texting? Also, can you show the settings for button, like which columns it’s using? Any other screenshots you have would help.

I have the same scenario. :smiley: Currently looking for another thread/topics. :slight_smile:

Can you record a video of the problem?