Compose text message

Is there a workaround for “compose text message” where you don’t have to have the cellphone number in the box. On android devices, I get " // " when I leave it blank.

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So you don’t want to have any specific recipients before getting to the messages app?


We’re having this same problem. It works great on IOS but not on Android?

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You can use the fix below:


Just leave the number blank if you want to open a text with a pre-written message

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Hi Lisa, is this for Android devices only? Would it look exactly like this (below, as you’ve stated) or like this: sms:?body=[TEXTMESSAGE]…?


I’ve used this on iOS and it’s worked fine.

I can’t tell what change you made in the string you posted. But the string should include an “&” instead of the “?” and also was missing two other characters. The correct strong is below:


One thing to note is that the string maybe slightly different for Chrome/Android


Ok great, thank you!

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