Composing a group SMS

I’m trying to figure out a way to send a group message. Sending a SMS is trivial, there’s a specific action. However, when I try to send a message to “650-123-4567, 650-234-4567” as an example, the behavior defaults to just composing a message to the first number.

This might not be anything I can do on Airtable’s side, and more to do with how Messages handles incoming requests. But curious if anyone has had luck with this!

To be clear, are you using some sort of service or integration to send an SMS message, or does you action just open your messaging app? If it’s the later, have you tried different delimiters, such as a semi-colon (;) ? It’s probably going to largely depend on the messaging app, and what it allows or doesn’t allow.

Just using the action “Compose SMS” native to Glide. Will try some other delimiters, but you’d think that iMessage would support that!

It seems like the delimiter is just a comma, which is what I used :confused:

I don’t use Apple products, so I can’t verify either way, but here’s a few other forum posts related to this: