Compose SMS to multiple numbers?

I’m using a glide app on both a Mac and on IOS. I’m trying to compose a SMS message to multiple numbers, but it’s only picking up the first number. I’ve trie comma, space and both as a separator. A space simply tacks the two numbers together in the compose. I’ve seen a couple threads here that mention it but there was no resolution.

I’ve done a ton of research and this is definitely a limitation of recent Apple & IOS.

For anyone poking at this you can simulate this quickly in the messages app by taking a string of “phone numbers” like this:

(410) 111-2222, (410) 222-3333

… and pasting it into the messages app. You’ll see it only registers the first number. I’ve tried other delimiters and they have mixed results, some of which paste the numbers together.

Any ideas or workarounds? This would be a huge benefit even if we figured out a tricky way to do it through another route.

For example, an SMS link does the same thing. Maybe there’s a trick we can leverage through that, but I kind doubt it:


Thanks in advance!

Not sure if it helps but I’ve been on this roundabout and came to the same conclusion as you above. Its not possible any longer since a recent update of ios. So I never got it done.

Ultimately I automated it using Integromat and ClickSend. Happy to share that solution with you if its the road you decide you want to go down but theres a cost to both of the softwares mentioned as you likely already know.

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Interesting. I’m familiar with neither. What’s the rough cost? I may be interested in this. Thank you.

Integromat is a competitor of zapier. It’s an automation tool that allows you to link applications using webhooks/apis. It costs me $9 per month but it’s free up to 1000 uses per month.

I can use integromat to listen for new activity in Glide and then trigger an action in ClickSend (which I use for sending the SMS messages @ a cost of approx 8c per text - I’m in Europe so I’d expect 8c is expensive vs other regions)

Hope this helps. I saw a note recently saying that native messaging on iOS was something that was coming fairly soon for this type of app. If true then we can scrap ClickSend and save ourselves some cash.