Able to send message to multiple phone numbers at once?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to send a text message to multiple phone numbers at once? Can phone numbers be separated by a comma in a cell so that if that cell is selected, multiple texts are sent at once?

The idea is to have a single button that sends out a message to multiple contacts at the same time.


Yes, that is possible. Just build a list of all the numbers you want to text, seperated by commas, all in one cell. Then create a button and set the Action to Text and point to that column in your sheet. This also works for emails.

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Much appreciated. I’ll give this a try now.

I tried this and cannot get it to work. When you select the text button and it opens in the text message app it only has the first phone number in the series. I tried it with and without a space after the comma. Am I missing something?

Might be your text app. I use a list with a comma and a space between phone numbers. Do you have somebody with a different text app on there phone that could try it out?

I don’t. I’m using iOS. Do you know if there is a way to change the app it uses? Maybe I could switch to whatsapp or something like that.

I use Android, so I can’t help with IOS. I did come across an app sheet forum were it seemed like somebody else had a similar issue with multiple phone numbers and IOS, so it might be a know issue.

Ok, thanks!

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Is there a video tutorial for this , i m using zapier intergration to send education message via twilio number ,and i wanna send multiple contact number (collected on my sheets),how can i achieve that?